Боаз Сассон

Боаз Сассон

Боаз Сассон

Head of Performance Marketing

«5 little-known tools that our clients use for website promotion»

Head of Performance Marketing SimilarWeb

One of the original 7 Samurai at SimilarWeb, back from 2009, when it was still just SimilarSites.

Main responsibilities were SEO, then later advanced to managing the company's PPC and Social efforts.

Currently growing ToFU and providing SEO/PPC/Social consulting services to SimilarWeb and several other clients.

1. How to use keyword density checkers in 2016.

2. How to quickly find so many SEO/code bugs that your client's developers will hate/respect you.

3. Fastest way to find dead sites/accounts with high value for links.

4. Make your own customized SEO browser add-on.

5. Find tens of thousands of sites to comment on (for traffic/juice) sorted by country, category or traffic.

6. Find new niche markets by country in minutes.

7. Cooking with ifttt.com (only if this is not well known by Ukranian SEOs).